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Our Purpose

Our Concept

  • Develop a membership program to capitalize on the current holistic health & wellness movement
  • Provide members with a non-invasive, natural approach to improving mental and physical wellbeing
  • Educate members on the latest in science backed wellness modalities, including ice/hot baths, compression, cryo-booths, bio-chargers, infrared booths, and redlight/halo-therapy booths
  • Guide members through the different membership levels and wellness options
  • Contemporary design elements to enhance the membership experience

Franchise Support

Our Commitment


First in-market business concept


Proven business model

• EFT monthly/bi-weekly billing options
• Exposes members to new modalities
• Proven physical therapy treatments
• Cutting-edge holistic treatments

Protected territories


Marketing tools and best practices


Ongoing training

• CRM system
• Machine/product settings
• Customer service
• Sales management

Facility Support


Site selection guidance

• Demographics (age, HHI, residents per address)
• Street traffic analysis
• Competitive analysis (like services if available)
• Lease negotiation support

Equipment & product discounts

• Purchase/lease options
• Negotiation support

Modern, cloud-based operating software

⚬ PC/Mac, tablet, mobile-friendly
⚬ A/R management
⚬ Member & single-use calendar
⚬ Member management/tracking tools
⚬ Outbound marketing support tools

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